Pololū Valley

Pololū Lit., Long Spear (Pukui)

Pololū is a pleasant village, situated in a small cultivated valley, having a fine stream of water flowing down its centre, while lofty mountains rise on either side.

The houses stand principally on the beach, but as we did not see many of the inhabitants,

we passed on, ascended the steep mountain on the

north side, and kept on our way.  

William Ellis

    Narrative of a tour through Hawai’i, or Owhyhee


William Ellis

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by Dr. Michael Graves and Julie Field

Pololū Valley

There are many families who trace their roots back to Kohala.  One of those families in Kohala are the Sproats. The Sproat home is at the end of Akoni Pule Highway and it is the last home one sees before descending the trail into Pololu Valley.  The Sproat family is steeped in the culture of Kohala.  

Kindy Sproat was a gifted story teller, singer, composer and artist.

Faye Mitchell, of Living Journals, worked with Kindy Sproat to document his life and the numerous songs and stories that were a part of his life and the stories of Kohala.  

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